Axon: Creative Explorations, the journal of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research at the University of Canberra, is named for the axon, the primary point of transmission within the nervous system and the means of communication between neurons. 

Axon: Creative Explorations is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes works that express or are about creativity and the creative process, including:

  • the methods and techniques of artists and other creative professionals
  • approaches to creative-led research and the theorisation of creative practice
  • the ways in which creative works are made and function
  • creative interventions and explorations of contemporary matters of concern
  • poetics and poetry, and
  • the cultural contexts and theoretical frameworks informing creative practice.

NB: Axon does not accept unsolicited poetry, and the editors will not read unsolicited poems. 

Axon publishes two general issues a year, and occasional special or capsule issues. 

Call for Papers: TEXT/PAGE/ART

The first issue of Axon for 2023 will be guest edited by Caren Florance. The title and theme of this issue is Text/Page/Art and we are inviting submissions that connect to the following ideas:

The late poet Gary Catalano (1947-2002) wrote the first broad study of Australian artist books in 1983, and did so by discussing them as hybrids of literature and art:

'If the fact that many visual artists now make books can be taken as a sign that the visual arts are becoming more literary in their forms, and, perhaps, in their aspirations," he said, "then the converse could also be said of much advanced and ambitious literature in the past twenty years. Just as visual artists have added words and discursive texts to their repertory of forms, so many writers have come to use visual devices as an essential element of their work.' (The Bandaged Image: A study of Australian artists' books, Sydney: Hale & Iremonger, 11–12).

Forty years later, with the addition of online hyper/inter/activity, it is perhaps timely to look at past, present and future intersections of text and art and their methods of output and dissemination. Contemporary independent creative publishing is very different to that around Catalano's survey.

Or is it?

How are contemporary writers being visual, and contemporary artists working with text? How are they working with each other? In what ways do old and new technologies impact materiality, processes, and formats? These questions are firmly pitched towards investigating small-scale, lo-fi, experimental, independent outputs rather than mainstream commercial endeavours.

Points of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • Text/art hybrids: concrete and visual poetry (vispo), mail art, text art, art embodying textuality, outsider text art (like graffiti);
  • The art and craft of outputs : artist books, chapbooks, zines, comics, graphic novels, broadsides, posters, Print-on-Demand (POD) publishing;
  • Social and political uses of creative publishing;
  • Printing/publishing redundancies/resistances and repurposing/transforming;
  • Creative art/text publishing relationships and collaborative shifts;
  • Methods of alternate art / writing dissemination;
  • Collection practices, category crossovers and definition creep.

For this issue, we are inviting submissions of:

Scholarly essays of 3,000 to 6,000 words;

  • Creative essays incorporating images, sound, poetry, up to 4,000 words, with a contextualising statement of up to 750 words;
  • Photo essays incorporating a contextualising statement of up to 1,000 words (send up to 12 images, and the editors will make a selection from those images);
  • Unpublished original downloadable PDF publications/artworks of no more than 12 pages for readers to print their own copy, with a contextualising statement of up to 750 words.

DEADLINE for submissions: 31 October 2022.

Please feel free to contact Caren Florance ( with any queries, or to discuss suggested contributions.

Submissions are invited on a continuing basis to Axon: Creative Explorations.

What to submit:

Submissions of articles, essays, interviews, papers and photo essays are welcome. The editors also welcome submission of creative work, other than poems, when accompanied by a 250-word statement that indicates the research aspects of the creative piece. Expected length of submissions is between 500 and 6,000 words, as appropriate to the form. 

  • All poetry published in Axon will be solicited by the journal’s editors. Unsolicited contributions of poetry will not be read or acknowledged.

How to submit:

• Visit the journal website at, and acquaint yourself with the focus and content of previous issues;

• Read information about the journal and the submission and review process at;

• Upload your submission, along with an abstract (max 200 words), a biographical note (max 150 words), your institutional affiliation (if relevant), up to 5 keywords and, for photo essays and other creative work, a 250-word research statement. 

Submissions should be between 500 and 6,000 words, depending on the nature of the submission. 

Please contact the editors with any queries about length, form and content. 

Axon: Creative Explorations